Directa Plus awarded patent for G+ elastomeric composition for tyres

Directa Plus plc, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, announces that the Ufficio Brevetti e Marchi (Italian Patent and Trademark Office) has granted the Company a patent for the product and application of its new graphene-based solution for enhancing the performance of tyres. Specifically, the patent covers Directa Plus’ ‘elastomeric composition comprising graphene and tyre components comprising said composition’.

The incorporation of Graphene Plus (G+) in tyres produces the joint effect of simultaneously reducing rolling resistance and increasing grip. The result is a tyre that is both faster in motion and safer in turning under braking or in extreme weather conditions. In addition, the effectiveness of G+ reduces fuel consumption as overcoming resisting forces accounts for a significant proportion of a vehicle’s fuel usage as well as increasing the lifespan of the tyre due to reduced wear. As a result, the application of G+ offers economic efficiency as well as environmental sustainability.

The benefits of incorporating G+ into tyres have been demonstrated by the Company’s longstanding relationship with Vittoria group, a leading manufacturer of bicycle tyres. Vittoria has launched multiple award-winning G+ bicycle tyres for on-road and off-road use. The Company is also conducting ongoing tests with other automotive and potential industrial partners of its G+ elastomeric composition for tyres.

Giulio Cesareo, Chief Executive Officer of Directa Plus, said: “The push for fuel efficiency from consumers and environmental groups means there is a growing demand for eco-friendly tyres. Offering tyres that are both sustainable and performance-enhancing reflects the core values of Directa Plus, and is bringing real innovation to an established and expanding industry. The unique qualities of G+ have been validated in bicycle tyres through our commercial partnership with Vittoria. The receipt of this latest patent means we are now well positioned to expand the rollout of G+ tyres to the global automobile and motorcycle industries.”

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