Workshop heater options from GSF Car Parts

GSF Car Parts and ZM Heaters prepared for this season with a programme of visits to help key staff members within The Parts Alliance businesses understand the workshop heating options.

The ZM Heaters range covers five different models of diesel space heater, three different manual ignition ‘multi-oil’ heaters and a full choice of automatic multi-oil cabinet heaters.

Big sellers include the ZM-135T and ZM-150 ‘multi-oil’ space heaters. Previously termed ‘waste oil’ heaters, these manual ignition heaters are rugged, and simple to operate. Both feature not only air distribution fans but also combustion fans to ensure hotter and cleaner burning.

Those wanting higher outputs, push-button ignition or room thermostat controls can evaluate a keenly priced range of automatic heaters too.

GSF Car Parts point out the importance of garages really looking into what they buy to ensure the fuel type and installation they are planning are best suited to the heater they have in mind, and that they also understand the commissioning, cleaning and maintenance requirements.

For garages looking to move away from waste oil workshop heating there’s a range of five different diesel space heaters. These include three popular direct diesel space heaters, ranging in output from 20 kW to 51 kW. The South Korean-made heaters all benefit from excellent build quality and ‘super quiet’ running, delivering noise levels 30 – 50 per cent below most competitor equivalents.

Attracting increasing interest, ZMID-K135 is a 40 kW indirect heater than comes with 150mm flue outlet. This allows the sealed chamber to be connected to an external flue so workshops can benefit from clean fume-free warmth at an exceptionally competitive price point.

“ZMID-K135 is a great waste oil heater replacement,” said John Wright, head of garage equipment and customer development at GSF Car Parts. “The flue diameter matches most heaters and garages can run it on any fuel oil like diesel or paraffin to gain automatic thermostat-controlled heating.

“A customer might be looking at the ZM-135T but saying ‘we want to run it on diesel’ so by offering ZMID-K135 instead, we save them two thirds of the purchase cost and give them a heater that is completely automated – often garages simply don’t realise the options available.”

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