Giti Tire: Newly-commissioned factory supplying demand for ‘made in America’ tyres

Production at Giti Tire’s newest factory began in September, and yesterday the tyre maker welcomed two parties who played a role in bringing the US$560 million plant to the USA. Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina, and Greg Foran, president and chief executive officer of Walmart US, toured the 1.7 million square foot (158,000 square metre) facility in Richburg, South Carolina and celebrated its inauguration.

One factor supporting Giti Tire’s decision to establish a manufacturing site in the USA was the Walmart retail chain’s commitment to invest US$250 billion in American-made products by 2023 – an initiative that is expected to result in the creation of around 250,000 direct manufacturing jobs. The Giti Tire plant in Richburg will employ around 1,700 people and will supply growing demand for tyres from Walmart as well as within the wider North American market.

“By investing in products that support American jobs, we are able to bring new products to our shelves that our customers want and new jobs to the communities we serve,” said Foran. “Our customers have told us that second to price, where products are made influences their purchase decisions.”

“Walmart’s commitment to American jobs is having a tangible impact on communities across America, including South Carolina,” added Henry McMaster. “I’m very happy to celebrate Giti Tire’s choice of Richburg to build a world-class manufacturing facility, bringing local jobs and investment to our great state.”

Walmart holds exclusive rights to sell Giti Tire’s Dextero brand in the USA, and the tyre maker states production at the new factory for the remainder of 2017 will include “several hundred thousand units” of Dextero-branded tyres for Walmart. Capacity will reach “several million tyres” next year, with more passenger car and light truck sizes added in the future.

“Our investment in this facility and its workforce demonstrates our firm commitment to North American customers,” said Enki Tan, chairman of Giti Tire. “Chester County’s extensive infrastructure network, proximity to a major metropolitan area, and commitment to a highly-skilled workforce will support the company’s needs and growth for many years to come.”


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