Mitas sport touring radial on its way

According to Trelleborg, its Mitas business is now making “concentrated preparations” towards penetrating the radial sport touring tyre segment with a “new concept in radial tyres.” It hasn’t revealed the name of the tyre developed by the Mitas/Trelleborg facility in Kranj, Slovenia, however it says the tyre is intended for use on heavier sport motorcycles that can carry two people and luggage over longer distances.

“Because of higher mileage, such tyres must exhibit unrivalled characteristics,” comments Boštjan Gubanc, head of R&D at the Kranj centre. “With the technology we are developing now, we will be able to meet customer requirements. The outstanding performance incorporated in the existing tyre (Mitas entered the motorcycle radial business with the Sport Force in 2013, and updated this tyre with the Sport Force+ in 2015) will be maintained, but enhanced to achieve longer mileage.”

The tyre maker shares that the upcoming Mitas radial motorcycle tyre uses a new combination of materials that ensure the “best possible tyre handling during cornering and cambering as well as gripping under various weather conditions.” It claims to have field tested the tyre at speeds of more than 300km/h.

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