Martins Industries opens Europe distribution centre

Martins Industries, which manufactures tyre and wheel storage pallets, safety inflation systems and tyre handling equipment, has opened a distribution centre and sales office in The Netherlands.

“The demand for our ergonomic and efficient products from Europe has been increasing dramatically from the past years. To better serve the tyre industry, we needed to have products in stock in Europe with live customer service. Our goal was to deliver our products to the customers within 24 hours. Now we can say mission accomplish!” said Martin Depelteau, president of Martins industries.

Martins presently has three sales people, plus customer service and warehousing staff in The Netherlands: “We hired great people to our team over the last months, like David Matulaj, who has been working in our industry for the last 17 years, and will continue to add sales and service people over the next two years until we reach complete coverage of Europe countries and languages”, added Martin Depelteau.

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