Lassa Tyres shows Driveways series in Bologna

Lassa Tyres presented its recently developed Driveways series to Italian drivers at the Bologna Autopromotec Fair. Lassa Tyres are currently offered to end-users at 5,000 points of sales in 63 countries, according to the company.

At the Autopromotec Fair, Brisa International Markets Director Ertan Kurt conveyed his opinions on Lassa Tyres’ goals in Italy and said: “We continue with our efforts to strengthen our presence in Italy and to promote our brand to the Italian car owners.  We have been operating in Italy for almost 20 years and have learnt a lot to progress both from our experiences and customer feedback as a deep rooted player in Italian market. Therefore, we assured the suitability and convenience of our former and recent tyre models for the Italian roads and will provide added value to the end-users both in terms of safe driving and durability.”

Kurt continued: “In Europe, the 16-inch plus tyre market accounts for 57 per cent of the total market, and has grown by 8 per cent during the last three years. With our Driveways and Driveways Sport products, we have increased our product range to 21 inches and we are an alternative to the increasing high-size tyre demand both in Italy and entire Europe.”

As well as Italy, Lassa reports a strong presence in Spain, UK, Austria and Germany. Furthermore, Lassa has been investing in retail stores since 2011 through its distributors and currently has more than 580 stores and offered at 5,000 points of sales in 63 countries worldwide.

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