DriveRightData adds Italian VRM look-up service

DriveRightData has added an Italian VRM look-up service to its system and adjusted the US VRM, defined by state, in response to customer requests.

According to the company, DriveRightData was a fledgling company when we first matched tyre fitment data to the UK Vehicle Registration Mark in 2003. Since then, the firm has been “expanding a rapidly growing database of factory wheel and tyre fitment information and we had a mere 7000 vehicles in the database”.

Since the establishment of a further office in Germany, the firm has linked its data to HSN/TSN information. “We advanced further into Europe and mapped the Switzerland vehicle ID also”, company representatives said in a customer newsletter.

As a result, at the end of 2016 the firm had over 68,000 vehicles in its database, and had rolled out VRM lookup services to 10 countries – and not just for tyres. DriveRightData’s VRM and mapped vehicle data has been linked to other OEM and aftermarket parts catalogues by using an industry standard, such as K-Type ID or the US ACES/AAIA classifications.

At the same time new Caliper profiles have been made available for:  2017 Mercedes Benz E43 AMG Wagon; 2017 Volvo S90; 2017/18 BMW 5 Series (G30) 530i and 540i; Bentley Bentayga; Peugeot Boxster III 16“; and Peugeot Boxster III 15.

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