Myers Tire Supply adds three TPMS packages

Myers Tire Supply has added three new exclusive TPMS kits to its product offering. The kits include: the ATEQ VT56 industry-leading TPMS diagnostic tool with OBDII and two years of software updates; the Myers 360 TPMS activation and programming tool; and 12 of the customers’ choice of sensors from Schrader, Alligator or HUF.

“By offering three different tool and sensor solutions, Myers can tailor the kit to fit the specific needs of each customer,” said Chris Dye, product manager, valves and TPMS for Myers Tire Supply.

Each sensor solution provides a specific benefit to the customer. The Schrader EZ Sensor only requires one SKU to inventory. The Alligator sensors cover 97 per cent of all TPMS-equipped vehicles for robust coverage. The HUF Intellisens sensors activate in only three seconds for quicker service time.

“Most TPMS sensor and tool providers offer one solution and try to fit that solution to every customer. Myers offers several TPMS solutions. We listen to our customers’ needs and offer the best solution to meet those needs,” said Dye.

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