MyCarCheck’s scariest five vehicles for Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, has listed the used vehicles most likely to have all three scariest warnings – write-off, finance and stolen. These vehicles are: 1) Ford Fiesta Zetec, 2) Vauxhall Astra SRI, 3) Ford Fiesta Zetec S, 4) Honda Jazz SE CVT, and 5) Ford Focus Zetec.

Head of, Roger Powell, said: “Cars with three serious warnings are the stuff of nightmares, but they do crop up. In reality, a stolen marker by itself will be a deal breaker due to the ‘nemo dat’ rule – the seller has no right to ownership so the buyer could stand to lose both the car and the money. The best advice is to do your homework, don’t buy without a logbook, don’t buy in a supermarket car park and always check before you buy. If you have any queries, the My Car Check call centre team will be happy to help.”

These are real-life scary stories from customers in 2016… Mark G from Birmingham said: “I’d gone to buy a van from a complete stranger when a call to My Car Check revealed it was stolen. Spending £10 saved me £7,000 because I was ready to hand the cash to the bloke.”

Alan Dunlop said: “Used this service for the first time and am very glad I did. Not only did it show up outstanding finance, which the seller guaranteed it hadn’t, it also showed the car was a Category D write-off.”

With information from the police, DVLA, insurers and finance houses, My Car Check holds comprehensive data on every vehicle on UK roads – things that buyers should be aware of before making an offer.

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