RMI Bodyshops complies industry guidance note detailing BS 10125 standard changes

RMI Bodyshops (NAB/VBRA) along with the Auto Body Professionals Club (ABP) has compiled an industry guidance note that seeks to clarify the changes to the BS 10125 standard. You can download the new note in full here.

It has been almost two years since BS 10125 replaced PAS125, yet there are still certain areas which generate questions from bodyshops being certified to the standard – in particular queries related to proof of competency.

An industry consultation on proposed changes to address this issue in BS 10125 took place in June and July 2016, and on the 20 September 2016 the British Standards Institution (BSI) published the amended version of BS 10125. The new version has changed the areas relating to technician proof of competence and the acceptance of manufacturer training as that proof of competence – subject to certain criteria being met.

This should help to reduce the duplication of training costs for bodyshops that hold manufacturer approvals and are certified to BS 10125. Manufacturer training, which has an assessed outcome and is ‘founded on or equivalent’ to the relevant National Occupational Standard, (NOS), will now be accepted as a supplement to the currently accepted VCQ’s and IMI Accreditations (ATAs), as proof of technician current competence.


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