Eicher R90-compliant brake discs now in stock at Euro Car Parts

More than half of ECP’s Eicher brake disc stock is R90 compliant, a month ahead of its introduction

Car parts distributor Euro Car Parts (ECP), says more than half of its Eicher brake disc stock is already R90 compliant, well ahead of the legislation coming into force.

Brake pads and shoes have had to conform to European regulation ECE R90 for years. It is a sign of quality which means that the performance of a replacement part is pinned to that of the factory-fitted original. From 1 November, passenger car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) brake discs and drums sold in Europe will also have to comply.

Martin Gray, chief executive officer of ECP, said: “From November, both our trade customers and consumers buying in-store or on eurocarparts.com can be confident our brake discs and drums will be fully R90 compliant. R90 is important because you often cannot tell just by looking at a part if it is up to standard. It is something consumers should be aware of and something garages should be proud to talk about.

“Getting ready for R90 has been a two-year project. We have been working behind the scenes with our key suppliers – Brembo, Eicher and Pagid – and building up our stocks since July. We are ahead of the game at this stage, with over half the Eicher discs on our shelves already compliant. From September, this process will really ramp up across all brands.

“The debate about what Brexit might mean for R90 is a moot point for us, because Eicher is now being distributed throughout Europe. As Pagid and Brembo are both European companies, they will follow suit with the R90 requirements. Euro Car Parts customers can therefore rest assured that all our discs and drums will continue to meet the standard even if UK law no longer requires it. Personally, I expect us to stay in line with these European regulations, but that is yet to be decided.”

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