NFDA joins calls for delay in apprenticeship levy

The National Franchised Dealers Association has called on the government to delay the new apprenticeship levy. Due to start in April 2017, the levy will be applied to employers with a wage-bill of over £3 million who will contribute with a tax of 0.5 per cent of their wage-bill. “The NFDA supports recent calls by businesses to the government to delay the apprenticeship levy”, said Sue Robinson, director of the association.

Robinson continued: “Following the decision to leave the EU and considering the short term economic uncertainty that the country is likely to face, many businesses are now in the process of adapting to the current situation.

“Although apprenticeships will positively benefit employers addressing skills shortages through targeted training, with the new levy coming into force in April 2017, businesses might struggle with this additional cost.

“The NFDA urges the government to delay the levy by at least one year to allow businesses to cope with changes and avoid unintended consequences such as job losses and pay cuts.”

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