Magna agricultural tyres now available

Magna AG01

The first agricultural products have joined the Magna Tyres Group portfolio. The Dutch company says a number of Magna AG01 tractor tyres are now available for shipment directly from its main warehouse in Waalwijk. At present a total of 21 sizes, 85, 70 and 65 series products, are available.

Magna Tyres Group lists the key benefits of Magna agricultural tyres as follows:

• Flexible casing provides soil protection and increased ride comfort for the driver
• The tyre is designed to operate at lower pressure (1.6 bar) to enhance soil protection
• Wide lugs improve service life and also enhances manoeuvrability on both soft and muddy surfaces
• The tread is designed for excellent traction and self-cleaning
• All steel radial construction
• Improved protector plies optimise load performance New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat

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