Grouptyre (UK) Ltd appoints new chairman

Tyre wholesaler Grouptyre (UK) Ltd, has appointed Gary Oliver as its new chairman of the board of directors. Oliver, who is managing director at Grouptyre Wholesale Ltd, has taken over the role from John Cooper from Grouptyre member Cooper Brothers.  Cooper has stepped down as chairman to take up the vice chairman position, and is there to support the incumbent chairman as he takes charge, in what is the 20th anniversary of the company being formed. Oliver joined Grouptyre Wholesale in 2012 and has a vast range of experience in many different roles within the tyre industry, spanning 46 years.

“Having worked closely with the all of directors since joining Grouptyre Wholesale and developing close relationships with them all, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work as chairman of the board of directors to help guide the company to the next stages of its evolution,” says Gary Oliver.


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