‘Agri Supplier of the Year’ strengthens range with IF, VF products

Alliance AgriFlex 354 on a sprayer

Last month we mentioned that 2015 had been a good year for Kirkby Tyres Ltd. Amongst other highlights, the wholesaler instigated a new warehouse project, added key new product lines and was named ‘Truck and Agricultural Tyre Supplier of the Year’ at the NTDA awards in October. The Liverpool-based company now looks forward to continuing its success in 2016.

Ongoing investment within the company and significant operational changes have resulted in increased market share for Kirkby, and the wholesaler notes that this growth has been particularly strong within the agricultural segment. A Kirkby representative commented to Tyres & Accessories that both the recently-built 75,000 square foot warehouse at the company’s Speke site and the recent appointment of Carl Lee as the company’s head of operations “speak volumes for Kirkby’s future intentions.” The recently-built 75,000 square foot warehouse at the company’s Speke site allows Kirkby to increase its agri SKUs and contains new state-of-the-art shipping, warehousing and tracking technologies that will give customers the ability to view their next-day delivery and order status in real-time. One of Carl Lee’s main tasks is to assist with this system’s implementation.

On the product side of things, Kirkby maintains a strong agricultural segment presence with both the Alliance brand, which it exclusively distributes in the UK and Ireland, and BKT, for which it is a major UK importer. The wholesaler’s business recently gained a major boost through the introduction of products from both brands that feature VF and IF, technologies that respectively allow for 20 per cent and 40 per cent higher load capacity at the same inflation. New introductions include:

Alliance AgriFlex 363: This IF tyre series is characterised by: A directional lug design that is divided into separate blocks and provides excellent grip on soft surfaces; a larger number of blocks and high rubber-to-void tread ratio; low rolling resistance during transport operation on hard surfaces; a larger tyre footprint area for higher traction, reduced fuel costs and minimised soil compaction; steel-belted casing structure for uniform ground pressure distribution, extended tread wear and improved puncture protection.

Alliance AgriFlex 354: This range offers a number of advantages above and beyond those provided by Alliance’s standard R-1W radial tractor drive tyres: Lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity; a D speed rating for on-road speeds of up to 40 mph or 65km/h; stronger lugs than regular row crop tyres; outstanding traction and excellent self-cleaning characteristics; an enhanced lug shape for better durability, comfort and lower noise when driving on the road; a larger tyre footprint area for higher traction, reduced fuel costs and minimised soil compaction; improved puncture protection and more uniform ground pressure distribution through steel belt reinforcement; good grip and long tread life on hard surfaces.

Alliance AgriFlex 372: This IF design offers a significantly larger footprint for lower soil compaction and a more comfortable ride. The larger footprint also facilitates higher traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall operation productivity. The R-1W pattern enables for an excellent grip as well as better tread wear life on hard surfaces.

“The number of Alliance tyre equipped sprayers, trailers, wagons and spreaders that dot the countryside of the UK & Ireland are testimony to Kirkby’s efforts,” commented Angelo Noronha, Alliance Tire Group’s chief of sales (Europe), in regards to the Alliance range stocked by Kirkby.

BKT Agrimax Spargo: The Agrimax Spargo utilises VF technology and is a narrow tyre designed for row crop applications where reduced size is essential to being able to pass through plants without damaging them. The range is able to run both on the field and on the road, where it is able to travel at 40mph or 65km/h.

BKT Agrimax Force: This high-end IF range is specifically designed for use on high-powered tractors. Kirkby describes Agrimax Force as a comfortable tyre for both field operations and road transfers, and notes it allows for a transfer between field and road without the need to increase inflation pressure.

BKT Agrimax Teris: This line-up now includes the IF 580/80 R 34 CFO size fitment. The Agrimax Teris has been engineered for high-powered harvesters that operate on large fields and transport very heavy loads.

“BKT’s relationship with Kirkby has been mutual and strong for all these years,” said Sandesh Jain, general manager (exports) at BKT Tyres. “Kirkby’s high investments in stocks, professional work force and good communication level have helped in making this business relationship stronger.”

Other brands and OE

Kirkby Tyres has also been an official Trelleborg distributor for the past two years, and caters to premium market customers with this brand. “We have seen a steady and consistent increase in sales since becoming Trelleborg distributors in 2014 and look forward carrying this prosperous partnership into 2016,” shared a Kirkby representative. The wholesaler’s value offering is covered by the Malhotra brand from India. Kirkby will soon begin stocking the RC950 row crop series in popular sizes.

As well as supplying the replacement market, Kirkby Tyre’s Original Equipment (OE) division supplies many blue chip manufacturing companies and smaller trailer manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland, and the company supplies both Alliance and BKT products to these customers. As well as off the shelf wheels, Kirkby Tyres offers bespoke wheel manufacturing solutions and built-up units to the original equipment and replacement markets.

Kirkby says that those interested in finding out more about the company’s agricultural portfolio can do so at this month’s Lamma show at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. The Kirkby team can be found at stand 544 within hall 5.


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