launches ‘quality choice’ sales initiative provides a lifetime guarantee with its new Quality Choice tyre range has launched a sales initiative with a lifetime guarantee. The online tyre retailer is offering a range of “Quality Choice” tyres as a step up from its Value Choice range. Like the lower-priced tyre, the Quality Choice does not specify a brand and model, though it does show tyre labelling grades, instead using its own branding on the website’s point of sale. Unlike the Value Choice, is offering an added incentive to customers choosing the Quality range; the online retailer will replace the tyre “in the very unlikely event that your tyre develops a fault due to the manufacturing process or materials used.” This is the latest in a series of innovations introduced by the company in the last few months, including a buy now, pay later tyre finance scheme. says that the new initiative is inspired by the identification of consumers lacking the time or the inclination to spend time deciding which tyres to choose. “They simply want to be able to trust that they are buying a quality tyre at a good price that they can rely on,” a statement says. Putting its name to the tyre, and including a lifetime guarantee – as long as motorists maintain their tyres, at the correct pressure and so on – puts the onus on to choose reliable tyres in the lower price brackets. will provide and fit a replacement tyre should a Quality Choice tyre develop a defect through normal road use or as a result of the manufacturing process or materials used. The fitted tyre will be free of charge down to a tread depth of 6mm, with a sliding discount scale also available down to 1.6mm.

The online retailer also suggested that the initiative could help drivers reduce the number of tyre-related casualties on the UK’s roads. In 2013, over 968 casualties occurred on UK roads due to an accident involving illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres and over 2.2 million cars failed their MOTs in 2013 because of problems with their tyres.

Michael Welch, founder and managing director of, said: “Hundreds of UK road accidents are caused by defective or worn tyres and we would love to reduce this number.  We know lots of our customers choose to use us as they are time poor and appreciate the convenience our click and fit service offers – we have introduced our Quality Choice tyres to provide a reliable option that requires no introduction and provides total peace of mind thanks to their lifetime guarantee.”

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