Michelin to supply tyres to Containerships’ tractor units

Michelin’s tyres were found to be the most economical over 1,000km in Containerships’ test

Michelin has won a tyre supply deal for the Teesport based Containerships fleet. With 60 6×2 mid-lifts, fleet engineer Gordon Aitchison says the results of a recent 1,000km trial have helped to identify significant annual cost differences of more than 20 per cent between four different 295/80R22.5 premium brand tyres.

“You have to look at the total value of ownership – not just the purchase price,” says Aitchison. “We ran this trial on our own vehicles, doing regular daily work, and the results were conclusive – fitting Michelin tyres will save us money.”

The trial found fitting the latest generation Michelin regional steer tyres would deliver 32 per cent more mileage (an extra 64,326 km) compared with the average of the competitor tyres trialled. The Michelin drive tyres – using a regional tread pattern, which has since been superseded – were found to return 38 per cent more mileage (an extra 78,404 km) compared with the average of the competitor brands.

“When we evaluate tyre costs we look at the total casing value,” explains Aitchison. “With a steer tyre you are not just investing in a tyre for one life; you are buying a casing which should be capable of being remoulded and used again. If you can feed the drive axle with Remix tyres, it can have a very positive impact on vehicle operating costs.”

The trial saw Containerships running test sets of Michelin X MultiWay 3D XZE steer tyres and XDN2 Grip drive tyres, the latter of which has now been superseded by the X MultiWay 3D XDE to complete the latest Michelin regional tyre offer.

Containerships source its truck tyres from ATS Euromaster in Middlesbrough, which also handles its tyre fitting and servicing requirements. This sees Containerships, Michelin and ATS Euromaster working collectively towards joint tyre management targets which will help to further reduce vehicle operating costs. It involves a mobile ATS Euromaster tyre technician visiting the Containerships depot every Saturday to check pressures, regroove, twin and turn tyres on the rim – helping to maximise tyre life.

The Containerships fleet comprises predominantly of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz tractor units covering up to 160,000km a year. They are used for the movement of containers from port to their final destination, and vice versa, handling cargo between Russia and the Baltic, Europe, UK and Ireland, as well as between North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The fleet spends the majority of its time operating at up to 44 tonnes with skeletal trailers, plus some general haulage work with curtainsiders. All of the company’s trailers are supplied on full-service lease agreements which include tyres.

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