QH Brake Discs now supplied as singles

3rd January 2013 | 0 Comments

From 1 January 2013 the QH Brake Discs range of 2,000 standard, high carbon and black discs will be packaged as single parts, adding convenience and flexibility to this very popular product. Category manager Jon Haywood explains why the change of packing policy has been implemented:

“Adding packaging material doesn’t seem like the best way to increase our profits, but that was never the motivator for this change. By supplying single discs to our customers we hope to reduce the exposure to injuries caused by incorrectly handling excessive weight and also increase the sales opportunities of all stockists of QH brake discs.”

“We firmly believe that Motor Factors and mechanics should be free to decide what quantity of discs to supply in their business. We are happy to once again provide the aftermarket with a fresh and unique approach that is designed around the needs and benefit of our customers. The recent overhaul of all our QH brake packaging ensures the correct branding, high quality and a consistent feel is evident across the all product groups. In this instance it has also given us the opportunity to add an extra layer of flexibility and convenience to our distribution partners.” 

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