Sacramento Samurai Strikes

24th February 2009 | 0 Comments

Tyres fitted to cars parked in the street in the town of Lincoln, California (to the north east of Sacramento) were sleeping a little easier this weekend, after a large sword that was used to slash city vehicles’ rubber was recovered by the police Friday (21 February). It was reported that a 19 year-old woman named Ashley Belisle was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism through swordplay and was taken to Placer County Jail in Auburn, though was released later.

Posters on the Sacramento Bee’s crime blog, however, were ready to leap to conclusions. Blogger Soylent_Green_is_now heaped the blame on cultural influences, suggesting “one too many anime conventions” as the inspiration for the wave of destruction; meanwhile Briencook took a more reasoned approach, stating, “What a bizarre (and costly) crime spree. She must be dealing with some mental problems. If not, Big-O is hiring.” However, the frustration of finding your tyres ripped by a rapier was possibly best surmised by lovemycity916, who simply declared, “fu**in ninjas.”

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