H&H Industries invests in 51-inch buffer

H&H Industries of Ohio, USA has invested in a TRM Eagle 51 buffer and tread grooving machine as part of its strategy to be a leader in the large OTR tyre market segment. Installation is planned for the third quarter of 2020.

“Over the last decade, and especially in the past four years, our business has continued to develop and grow to allow us to reinvest into our company. As we move into a period of a planned expansion, we know the “Eagle 51” will allow us to increase production while maintaining our high standards of quality and performance, and stage us for the next part of our investment. We’re excited to include the Eagle in our manufacturing process and confident about the reliability of the equipment and the TRM/Shamrock team structure. We look forward to showing our business partners our commitment to them and the industry.” said Noah Hickman president of H&H.

The Eagle 51 allows H&H to retread tyres of up to 51-inch diameters thanks to the precision and speed of the three-axis automated hot blade groover system.

TRM specializes in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated systems for retreading Passenger, Truck, OTR and Aircraft tyres. TRM works with Shamrock Marketing, Inc. of Louisville, Kentuck for sales representation in North America.

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