Lanxess presenting new tyre industry solutions at TTE

Next month the Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives business unit will present a variety of solutions for tyre makers the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. These solutions, which will be featured on the company’s stand (hall 2, stand 224), include the Rhenodiv range of eco-friendly tyre release agents, Rhenomark tyre marking paints, Rhenoshape tyre curing bladders and Rhenogran aramid fibre masterbatches.

New unfilled tyre inside lubes for cleaner manufacturing

Rhein Chemie Additives has developed a new range of unfilled single-release inside lubes for cleaner tyre production. New products such as Rhenodiv BP-337 and Rhenodiv BP-3091 enable tyre producers to apply very low quantities of inside lube onto the green tyre. In combination with robotic spraying equipment, this allows for a precise coating procedure to be carried out with the assurance that no area of the tyre outside the inner liner will be contaminated. An additional benefit is that Rhenodiv BP-337 is based on hydrogen-free crosslinking chemistry.

Demand is increasing for a process that keeps migrating silicones at bay during the tyre moulding process, particularly if a clean, silicone-free tyre surface is required after vulcanisation. Rhein Chemie Additives is responding to this trend with two new single-release inside lubes, the Rhenodiv BP-166, low-filled, silicone-free and Rhenodiv BP-9500, unfilled, silicone-free

Rhenoshape tyre curing bladders

Rhein Chemie Additives has increased its capacities for Rhenoshape high-performance permanently coated bladders. To ensure quality aspects in accordance with customer requirements, operations at the different bladder production sites have been steadily upgraded with automated processes. Rhenoshape tyre curing bladders equipped with Rhenodiv permanent coatings enable manufacturers to produce tyres without using an additional release agent. This is of special importance for the production of high-value tyres such as run -flat, sealant and sound absorbing tyres – wherever the absence of migrating silicone from traditional release agents is mandatory. Their use renders the spraying operation for green tyres obsolete and thus eliminates the risk of collateral contamination of critical areas of the tyre and the work area.

Rhenogran aramid fibre masterbatches

Under extreme mechanical, dynamic and thermal stresses, Rhenogran P91-40 provides excellent reinforcement performance for tyre compounds. Rhenogran P91-40 incorporates the highly resilient and very lightweight Twaron aramid short-fibre pulp evenly in the rubber compound. In addition to polymers typically used in tyres such as NR, IR, BR and SBR, Rhenogran P91-40 is suitable for many other rubber grades including EPDM, CR, NBR and HNBR.

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