FM Tyres a reliable partner to wholesalers

Friday 4th November 2016 | 0 Comments

The last time Tyres & Accessories spoke with Frank van Leeuwen, he was still managing director at Dutch wholesaler Euro-Tyre. He left the company in 2014 and subsequently formed a new business with former Euro-Tyre purchasing manager Mischa Driessen; today the pair are still based in Venlo as shareholders and partners in FM Tyres, and draw upon their more than 20 years of experience in the tyre business in their new role as “reliable partner” to wholesalers around the world.

“We search around the world to find products and have access to a global network of suppliers,” shares van Leeuwen. “We sell and purchase everywhere – we are independent and have no ties to any brand or manufacturer.”

This independence gives FM Tyres a lot of freedom, and Frank van Leeuwen states that the company is always interested in and looking for overstocks, demo tyres, DOT tyres and offers for every premium brand. FM Tyres deals primarily in premium ranges, as well as some ‘B’ brands. “We don’t deal in private brands at all,” he adds. “We’re sticking with premium as we don’t purchase direct from the manufacturer, and as we only sell at the wholesale level there’d be no money in private brands.”

When we spoke with Frank Van Leeuwen at CITExpo, he commented that he and Driessen are happy with the business they’ve started and they are confident it has potential to grow. “We exist because of the trust we have built up over the years. Many suppliers from past years are with us now. You have to earn and gain trust.” He added that FM Tyres is looking to achieve steady growth and will always ensure it can properly look after existing customers before taking new ones on.

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