Cooper receiving NASA input on projects

Members of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company technology team are gaining assistance with two projects – one focusing on development of a coating for tyre moulds and the other on RFID technology – from the boffins responsible for the US space programme. On 12 June, members of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company technology team were part of a group that consulted with scientists and engineers from the NASA Glenn Research Center at a meeting at the University of Toledo, and the tyre maker says a second Cooper team will soon travel to NASA Glenn Research Center for a similar consultation with subject matter experts.

The consultations are being provided as part of a NASA offer to provide up to eight hours of no-cost consulting in order to bring new insights into technical challenges and opportunities the companies are experiencing. “NASA has some of the best minds in the world who have developed all types of innovations; not only those related to the exploration of space. Cooper is pleased to have been selected to tap into the brainpower, research capabilities and resources of NASA as we continue to improve our operations and products,” said Chuck Yurkovich, Cooper’s vice-president, Global Research and Development.

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