Cabot launches 2 new ‘Propel’ Carbon Blacks for use in tyre treads

Cabot Corporation has launched two new carbon black products for tyre tread applications. According to the company, Propel E7 carbon black is engineered to reduce tyre rolling resistance and improve vehicle fuel economy. Propel D11 carbon black is designed to provide a high level of tread durability and is purposed for use in both short-haul truck and off-the-road vehicle tyres. Cabot has been showcasing the new products at Tire Technology Expo 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Prompted by legislative pressures such as European tyre labelling over here and SmartWay in the US, Cabot has designed Propel E7 carbon black to enable tyres to me lower rolling resistance demands apparently “without sacrificing tyre durability”. Cabot reports that lab tests of Propel E7 carbon black demonstrate that it reduces the hysteresis (energy loss) of typical tyre tread compounds by 15 per cent compared with Cabot VULCAN 7H carbon black, enabling reductions in tyre rolling resistance. Primary applications for this product are on-highway, long-haul truck tyre treads and retreads.

Meanwhile Propel D11 carbon black is engineered to provide a high level of rubber reinforcement. This helps tyre treads resist cutting, tearing and abrasion, and extend the useful life of a tyre. This is said to result in a 10 per cent improvement in laboratory abrasion resistance in natural rubber compounds when compared to the same laboratory tests of Cabot Vulcan 10H carbon black. Primary applications for this product are short-haul truck and off-the-road vehicle tyre treads. It also can be used in passenger car and light truck tyre treads that require maximum durability.

“We recognize that tyre manufacturers need new reinforcing materials that enable them to develop differentiated and high performance product offerings,” said John Reese, vice president, global marketing with Cabot Reinforcement Materials. “Our deep understanding of our customers’ needs, their industries and the global trends that impact their businesses, enables us to create and deliver differentiating solutions. With these new carbon black products we can help tire manufacturers significantly improve tire performance through enhanced durability and reduced rolling resistance.”

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