Counterfeit ContiTech Drive Belts Seized and Shredded

21st November 2007 | 0 Comments

In ContiTech’s second recent success against product piracy, roughly 19,500 counterfeit drive belts and packages with ContiTech labelling were seized by customs authorities in Malta and then destroyed upon release by the courts. The counterfeits entered the Mediterranean country along with other automotive aftermarket fakes via container shipment. “To underscore our determination to rigorously pursue product piracy, we took legal action in this matter at our own expense and had the fakes destroyed,” said Jürgen Grefe, head of automotive aftermarket sales in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. At the beginning of November the counterfeits were tossed into a gigantic shredder and reduced to rubber shavings.

As reported in early November, ContiTech has stepped up its efforts to curtail trade in product forgeries. The company intends to send a strong message, a move it believes in the interest of consumer protection. “As a rule phoney products are not made of the same material and do not exhibit the same quality workmanship as ContiTech drive belts. If a belt tears, this could result in costly engine damage,” commented Grefe, citing the reason for taking this step.

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