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Birla Carbon and CHASM Advanced Materials enter nano-carbon development agremment

18th November 2019 | 0 Comments

On 18 November Birla Carbonand CHASM Advanced Materials Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of printed electronics materials and battery materials, based on proprietary carbon nanotube and ink/coating technologies, agreed to join forces to “accelerate the discovery and development of novel nanomaterials to benefit various market segments including high-performance tyres, novel coatings and next-generation batteries”.

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Nexen Goes Nano

3rd July 2008 | 0 Comments

On 1 May, Nexen Tire Corporation opened a branch office in Germany (Nexen Tyre Europe GmbH) and is reportedly in the process of scouting tyre specialists with more than 20 years experience to enhance the company’s marketing in Germany. In addition to the company’s existing UK branch, Nexen plans to open more offices in Spain, Italy, and France to expand its European sales network. Nexen Tyre Europe GmbH is being described as “the centre of Europe” for the Korean manufacturer. From here the company plans to execute localised marketing strategies in order to support European customer service.

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Growing Demand for “Green Products” in China – Lanxess

18th April 2008 | 0 Comments

German specialty chemicals group Lanxess AG reports it is banking on growing demand for more environmentally compatible products and systems solutions in China, its most important Asian sales market. At an international press conference held during the Chinaplas 2008 plastics fair in Shanghai (held between April 17 and 20), chairman of the Lanxess Board of Management, Axel C. Heitmann, stated ”Sales of our “green” premium products in China have risen significantly in the past twelve months. We expect this trend to continue and to have a positive impact on our business in China.” An analysis conducted by Lanxess indicates that growth of this “green business” could provide double the rate of overall market growth in China. ”Therefore we will focus increasingly on green chemistry products in our portfolio,” added Heitmann. Among the measures to be implemented will be an increase in development of new, innovative products and systems solutions.

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Iran Designs Nano Tyres

14th August 2007 | 0 Comments

Iran's Polymer and Petrochemical Institute incorporated “highly friction-resistant” nanotechnology into the development of vehicle and aircraft tyres. According to a Meridian Institute report, Iranian researcher Mohammad Karrabi said: “In this method, the frictional resistance of tyres has been increased through calculating the mechanical characteristics of them. Lower rolling resistance and higher frictional resistance will lead to less fuel consumption.” He also said that the use of nanotechnology will help Iran's automobile manufacturers compete in the market. The project, which was launched with support from the Presidential Office last year, will be completed by next year.

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