Tyres & Accessories Magazine, September 2021

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Electric Vehicle and Eco Tyres

The pandemic year has seen accelerated growth in electric cars, both in terms of sales and public interest. Kwik Fit research in mid-2021 showed a 31 per cent rise on 2020 in UK motorists that expect their next car to be fully electric. The move from ICE to EV represents a thrown gauntlet that garages and vehicle servicing firms need to pick up sooner rather than later. But what about the impact of the move to EVs on tyre manufacturers? Many of the largest manufacturers are now producing special editions of their regular car tyre lines – or even new lines entirely, such as Michelin’s e.Primacy – buoyed by high-profile original equipment deals. But does this mean electric vehicles should run exclusively on such products? And should nominally specialist EV tyres be kept off ICE powered vehicles? Tyres & Accessories looks at these issues alongside the latest products in the September edition.

Truck tyres

Demand for new commercial vehicles is rising after a year of pandemic-related low sales, which is good news for tyre makers. The ETRMA also reports that its members sold almost 10% more replacement market truck tyres in Q2 2021 than in the corresponding quarter of pre-Covid 2019. Tyres & Accessories is taking a look at this segment in September and sharing news of the latest tyres and services for commercial vehicles.

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