Hella video displays wiper blade quality

Hella has released a video showing the quality control and test procedures its wiper blades go through to ensure they are able to deliver the day-to-day performance in the face of harsh weather conditions.

First is the endurance test, which involves continuous running water poured over the windscreen to prove the wipers can handle intense rain. Next is the water spray test, mimicking finer rain, ensuring they can cope with all types of precipitation. The third is a UV test to showcase that the blade’s rubber element will stay flexible in intense heat and the final test is dry running them across the windscreen to prove that it stays streak free.

Senior head of marketing and communications, Helen Goldingay, said: “This video clearly demonstrates the stringent tests we put our wiper blades through to guarantee their quality. Blades are so important, as visibility is a crucial safety concern, which is why this video is so useful, as it shows both motorists and customers just how good they are and why they can be fitted with confidence.”

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