Visitors from China face restrictions at TTE

Visitors & exhibitors will be asked to declare their recent whereabouts

In order to assure the “health, safety and well-being” of all in attendance, the organiser of Tire Technology Expo has announced special attendance requirements for year’s show.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, UKi Media & Events will ask all Tire Technology Expo visitors, regardless of country of origin, to sign a declaration stating that they have not been to China in the 17 days prior to their arrival. Exhibitors from China are required to verify they’ve been in Europe or elsewhere outside their home country for at least 17 days before arriving at the expo.

“The decision and policy that we are applying are designed to create confidence for all people attending the show,” explains Tony Robinson, founder of Tire Technology Expo and chief executive officer of UKi Media & Events. “Although it is particularly annoying for our highly regarded participants from China, we have been extremely encouraged by their understanding and positive reaction to these measures.”

In addition to the points stated above, the organiser says other policies may be imposed. These may include the wearing of face masks and use of hand gels – these will be supplied by UKi Media & Events “should it be deemed necessary.”

Robinson adds: “I think it is fair to say that we are all developing an increasing realisation that we live in changing and even challenging times. Global temperature levels and climatic variances may be playing their part in bringing more complex and different forms of flu to many parts of the world and not exclusively to China. Please be assured of our vigilance at all times in dealing with health and well-being issues, regardless of where in the world they may emanate. We look forward as always to welcoming you to Tire Technology Expo.”


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