Continental EM Master OE on Komatsu Dash 8

Komatsu Dash 8, fitted with Continental EM Master tyres

Japanese construction, mining, forestry and military equipment manufacturer Komatsu recently approved several Continental EM Master tyre models as original equipment for the Komatsu Dash 8 wheel loader series. As of January 2020, purchasers of WA270-8, WA320-8, WA380-8, WA470-8, WA-480-8 and WA500-8 models can select E3/L3 or E4/L4 versions of the EM Master in sizes 20.5 R25, 23.5 R25, 26.5 R25 or 29.5 R25.

Continental’s EM Master is tailored to the needs of construction sites and mining sites where articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and dozers are used. The EM-Master E3/L3 has a normal tread depth and a larger distance between the tread blocks for good self-cleaning properties, traction and manoeuvrability even on soft and muddy ground. The open tread pattern design ensures better cooling properties and thus lower heat build-up, resulting in higher mileage.

Compared to the E3/L3, the EM Master E4/L4 has a larger block size with a smaller gap between the blocks. The tyre therefore offers high carcass protection and good cut resistance, reducing the risk of punctures and thus downtime. The smaller spacing of the tread blocks with the five-edged block design ensures smoother running and good traction even on hard and rocky surfaces. Due to its high tread wear volume, the EM-Master E4/L4 also offers a high mileage.

The EM Master comes factory-fitted with integrated tyre sensors. The sensor continuously monitors pressure and temperature of the tyre. With the help of the tire pressure monitoring systems ContiPressureCheck for individual vehicles and ContiConnect for vehicle fleets, the data can be monitored and displayed. This maximises uptime, reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency. At the same time, the systems also increase vehicle safety.

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