LAMMA debut for Alliance agricultural tyre

Agri Star II

Visitors to this week’s LAMMA show are amongst the first to see a new Alliance radial tractor tyre, the Agri Star II. Alliance Tyre Group (ATG) will launch the Agri Star II around the world in the weeks following its LAMMA debut, with 76 SKUs across the 70-s and 85- series available right from the start. This range is expected to cover almost 100 per cent of market requirements.

The tyre was designed in close cooperation with farmers and dealers and features something called Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) – a combination of multi-angle lugs for excellent traction even when worn as well as “significantly better” overall performance.

Explaining SLT in more detail, ATG says that every tyre lug consists of two layers: The top layer has a single angle profile and the bottom layer a multi-angle profile. When the top layer is worn out (after 40 per cent of general wear), the bottom layer comes into the action – the lug changes its geometry and ensures renewed excellent traction. The tyre maker says this traction is comparable to that of a “completely new tyre.” In addition to good traction, the SLT lug combination provides improved on-road performance and higher resistance to on-road wear, improved anti-skidding and braking capabilities, as well as excellent self-cleaning properties throughout the entire tyre life.

With the Agri Star II, ATG claims a number of improvements over standard radial tyres. The tyre has a higher volume of rubber, enhanced stiffness, a larger ground contact area and increased front wall surface area. Furthermore, internal comparative tests show the tread compound offers more efficient stubble damage resistance and high resistance to cuts and chips. Tyres in the range carry a D speed rating for use at up to 40 mph or 65 km/h, a speed higher than that of standard 70-series tyres.

The Agri Star II is available in the UK and Ireland through Kirkby Tyres, Alliance distributor for these markets.

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