Goodyear OE on new Renault Captur

EfficientGrip Performance The new Renault Captur is fitting with tyres including the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

Renault’s best-selling SUV is fitted with Goodyear’s 215/55 R18 95H EfficientGrip Performance tyres, after being chosen as one of the main tyre suppliers. Goodyear will also supply 215/60 R17 96H EfficientGrip Performance tyres.

The Renault Captur is one of the best-selling small SUVs on the market, with 1.5 million units sold in more than 90 countries since its launch in 2013. The all-new Captur follows its original formula – which was a great success – but the car has now been updated with the latest technologies. The Captur has also received an upgrade on its wheels, with Renault opting this time for Goodyear tyres. Goodyear’s EffficientGrip Performance tyres add the perfect level of performance to make the Captur even better than before. As well as the 215/55 R18 95H, Goodyear will also supply the 215/60 R17 96H.

“Goodyear is proud to supply its 215/55R18 95H EfficientGrip Performance tyres,” says Hans Vrijsen, managing director of Goodyear OE in the EMEA region. “We believe these tyres add the perfect level of grip and fuel efficiency for this outstanding SUV. We look forward to joining forces with Renault to give customers the best driving experience.”

The 215/60 R17 96H scores A for Fuel Efficiency and B for Wet Grip on its tyre label. The 215/55R18 95H EfficientGrip Performance tyre boasts class A for Wet Grip and class B for Fuel Efficiency.

Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance Renault Captur OE tyre details

Material Description Fuel Efficiency Class Wet Grip Class Rolling Noise Class Rolling Noise Value
215/60R17 96H EFFIGRIP PERF RE A B )) 00069
215/55R18 95H EFFIGRIP PERF RE B A )) 00070

Source: Goodyear

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