Continental and Pyrolyx agree 5-year recycled carbon black supply deal

Recycled Carbon Black Recycled Carbon Black

Continental AG and Pyrolyx have entered into a five-year recycled carbon black (rCB) supply agreement for Continental tyre manufacturing facilities worldwide. The companies have been cooperating on developments in the technology field of recovered carbon black “over recent years”, according to Continental. Furthermore, the latest joint development commitment aims to lay the foundation for using recovered carbon black (rCB) in various tyre segments during tyre production.

Pyrolyx expects to absorb over 3,000,000 end-of-life tyres and to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 25,000 tons annually in each plant compared to traditional carbon black.

“Continental is excited to be entering this long-term relationship with Pyrolyx as it underlines our commitment to improving the sustainability of our products and operations. We are committed to innovative, environmentally beneficial technologies for our customers, while ensuring our tires meet the highest levels of safety performance,” says Dr. Andreas Topp, Vice President Material and Process Development and Industrialization at Continental.

Pyrolyx’s USA CEO, Thomas Redd, said: “This supply agreement is an extremely positive development for Pyrolyx and validates our approach to the recovery of carbon black from end-of-life tires and the acceptance of rCB globally. The validation of Pyrolyx’s rCB is a ‘game changer’ for Pyrolyx and the recovered carbon black industry.”

The supply agreement will support Pyrolyx’s growth with additional manufacturing facilities in North America and Eastern Europe, and specifically details sales over the next five years rising to 10,000 tons per year.

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