USA tyre shipments expected to increase in 2019, says association

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) anticipates that an increase in replacement market passenger car tyre business will drive an overall increase in car tyre shipments in the USA this year. It projects that tyre shipments will increase by 0.76 per cent to 332.9 million units this year.

Within the original equipment sector, the USTMA expects passenger tyre shipments to decrease 1.9 per cent to 45.2 million units; light truck tyre shipments to rise 0.4 per cent to 6.0 million units; truck tyre shipments to increase 0.2 per cent to 6.7 million units.

Projections for the aftermarket include a 5.8 per cent growth in passenger car tyre shipments, to 223.6 million units; light truck tyre shipments to increase 0.3 per cent to 32.0 million units; and a 2.4 per cent decrease in truck tyre shipments, to 19.4 million units.


Source: USTMA

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