Maxxis introduces new campervan, caravan tyres

Maxxis Campro MAC2 & Trailermaxx Eco

Campervan and caravan owners can choose from two new Maxxis tyres this year – the Campro MAC2 and Trailermaxx Eco.

Maxxis says the Campro MAC2 was especially developed to fulfil the everyday demands of modern campervans. These include good cushioning properties and a very stable casing structure for carrying heavier loads. It adds that the Campro MAC2 is a quiet tyre, thus greatly increasing long-distance comfort.

For caravanners, there’s the Maxxis Trailermaxx Eco CL31. Maxxis says the tyre has been in development for the last few years, undergoing stringent tests to ensure excellent performance. The resulting product is a tyre with a sidewall structure designed for carrying heavy loads as well as a casing structure that prevents bead separation and bulging. Maxxis also reports that the Trailermaxx Eco offers good wear resistance for long tyre life.


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