US tariffs hit Chinese alloy wheel exports

Following the US’s implementation of 25 per cent import tariffs on Chinese aluminium wheels on 1 May, China exported 70,400 metric tonnes of aluminium alloy wheels in April, down 9.6 per cent compared with the previous month and down 11.6 per cent compared with the year before. However, while down Chinese wheel exports in April were above their recent low point. In February exports dipped to the lowest in five years at 53,700 tonnes.

According to Chinese Customs data, January-April alloy wheel exports amounted to 292,200 metric tonnes, down 4.4 per cent compared with a year ago. In April, some 44 per cent of Chinese exports of aluminium alloy wheels entered the US, standing at 31,000 metric tonnes, down 16.2 from the previous month. Exports to the US in the first four months of the year amounted to 135,000 tonnes.

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