AutoAdvisor aims to become UK’s fastest growing garage network

AutoAdvisor is the latest platform to launch offering to help drive more business to garages

A new online service by AutoAdvisor has been launched, designed to help drive business to garages by matching them with motorists who need to get their car fixed. Founded by a group of individuals within the automotive industry who between them, have more than 30 years’ experience, AutoAdvisor has targeted becoming the UK’s fastest growing garage network. The service states that it offers a reduction in time, and the expense of gaining new business. AutoAdvisor also focuses on sourcing quality customer leads for garages within a set local area. AutoAdvisor will be increasing garage aids to help mechanics with technical bulletins, data and training courses.

As part of an exclusive launch offer, every new garage that signs up will be given a free six-month subscription period, which will start when AutoAdvisor goes live after its trade launch. Garages will still be able to gain access to the AutoAdvisor portal to create a profile and familiarise themselves with the site before the official launch, where they will also receive a notification when a job is waiting for a response. Thereafter, cost for a premium membership is £275 per year.

AutoAdvisor also offers Payment Assist, a payment plan which enables garages to provide an interest- and fee-free offering to motorists over a four-month payment period. This is designed to spread the cost of unexpected repair and maintenance bills, so that your garage never misses a sale through a customer not being able to afford the repair work.

What’s more, through AutoAdvisor, garages are made aware that due to legislation, they can take on car servicing within the warranty period, as motorists have the right to take their vehicle, irrespective of age, anywhere for servicing without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Through the Your Car, Your Choice campaign, independent garages are being urged to promote awareness of motorists’ freedom to choose where to service and repair their vehicle.

Alex Taylor, director of AutoAdvisor said: “AutoAdvisor is all about driving more business to garages by letting AutoAdvisor do all the hard work on motorists’ behalf when they need their car fixing or servicing.

“This not only encourages more business via quality customer leads, but also empowers motorists with the knowledge that they can in fact take their car to any independent garage anywhere for servicing without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, something that we are working hard at to make more drivers aware of.”


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