Eastman scientist’s dispersion insights feature in Europe Rubber Industry Forum 2019

At the Europe Rubber Industry Forum 2019, May 7–9 in Vienna, Austria, Eastman technology fellow Dr. Fred Ignatz-Hoover will challenge industry paradigms about dispersion with his comparison of Eastman Crystex Cure Pro insoluble sulphur to sulphur masterbatch (SMB).

Dr. Ignatz-Hoover, Technology Fellow, Tire Additives Technology at Eastman, will present “Understanding the kinetics of insoluble sulphur dispersion: a comparison of Crystex Cure Pro to sulphur masterbatch” on Thursday 9 May during the Polymers – Vulcanization & Properties session. Eastman Crystex Cure Pro is an improved thermal stability form of insoluble sulphur with dispersion kinetics rivaling SMB.

Both optical and tensile dispersion methodologies show Cure Pro dispersion up to 35 per cent faster than conventional insoluble sulphur. In addition, Cure Pro has superior thermal stability characteristics offering enhanced productivity for tire makers through faster and shorter mixing cycle times, as well as faster extrusion or calendering.

“As tyre manufacturers around the world look for ways to increase the performance of their tires and improve the productivity in their plants, they rely on innovative material companies like Eastman for practical solutions” said Dr. Brock Thomas, Eastman’s Tire Additives Technology Director. “Our presentation at the Europe Rubber Industry Forum will showcase one of our newest and most impactful technologies.”

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