Pirelli’s Track Adrenaline pitched at ‘petrolheads only’

Track Adrenaline is a new product from Pirelli’s Cyber Technologies department, which was launched at the Geneva Motor Show roughly a month ago. Pirelli says this system is aimed at “absolute petrolheads only”, which is why – for the time being at least – it is only available on P Zero Trofeo R tyres.

For those who like to put their supercars through their paces on circuits, Track Adrenaline manages to simultaneously be a lap timer as well as a real time monitoring system for tyre pressures and temperatures.

The system combines both telemetry and tyre data to identify and tell the driver when to warm up tyres, when it’s the right time to push for a flying lap, and when it’s necessary to come into the pits for a stop. Track Adrenaline consists of an electronic box that can easily be fitted to a car, as well as the P Zero Track Adrenaline smartphone app and P Zero Trofeo R tyres with sensors inside. The box talks to the app via wi-fi and provides a sophisticated lap timer, with telemetry information and real time analysis of each track session. Lap times, split times, maximum as well as average speeds, acceleration, braking, theoretically ideal laps and comparisons with previous sessions are among the displays that the app can offer every driver.

The Pirelli Track Adrenaline box is also equipped with a powerful GPS unit, which guarantees precise geolocation and definition of racing lines, as well as timing. Pirelli Track Adrenaline will be released onto the market in July and driving fans will be able to sample it as part of the P Zero Experience. Spa-Francorchamps, Abu Dhabi, Mugello, and Silverstone are some of the well-known circuits where Pirelli organises its own track days for customers, often in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious carmakers.

New ‘Elect’ markings for electric sports cars

In addition, the ‘Elect’ marking made its debut on P Zero tyres in Geneva. In short, “Elect” signifies tyres that are made for electric cars or plug-in hybrids. According to the company, ‘Elect’ tyres offer a number of advantages. First low rolling resistance, which helps to maximise each car’s range. Then there is a reduction in noise, to emphasise the quiet inside the cabin. Finally, the Pirelli tyres marked ‘Elect’ “immediate grip” from high torque electric transmission. The first cars to wear these tyres are: the Italdesign DaVinci and the Pininfarina Battista.


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