Philippinas Agila Tires aims for manufacturing plant in 2022

The Philippine Rubber Farmers’ Cooperative (PRFC), composed of farmers from Mindanao and Palawan in the Philippines, is leading efforts to develop finished products from raw rubber.

In the first instance, the PRFC’s Pilipinas Agila Tires will make tyres for work motorcycles commonly known as “habal-habal”.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been asked to officially launch the marketing of the Pilipinas Agila 300×17 motorcycle tyres one year after the Philippine Rubber Industry Road Map was presented.

Organized in 2017 and assisted by the local Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the PRFC entered into a processing and marketing agreement with Leo Tires Manufacturing of Valenzuela and Metro Manila in a supply and buy-back scheme. In the agreement, PRFC will buy the lumps produced by its members and process these into rubber blocks called SPR-20 which will be sold to Leo Tires Manufacturing.

Moving forward, the country’s rubber farmers plan to have their own tyre manufacturing plant in Mindanao by 2022.

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