Chinese truck tyres: EC says anti-dumping duties effective

The European Commission reports that applying anti-dumping duties to truck and bus tyres manufactured in China is having the desired effect. According to EC figures, dumped or subsidised imports were 81 per cent lower six months after the measures were imposed than during the investigation period.

Anti-dumping duties upon aluminium road wheels from China also continue to restrict the number of dumped or subsidised products being imported. Compared with the investigation period for these products, imports were 38 per cent lower in the year between November 2017 and October 2018.

The European Commission introduced a 22.3 per cent anti-dumping duty – (EU) No 964/2010 – on aluminium road wheels from China nine years ago and opted to retain this with the introduction of (EU) 2017/109 in January 2017. It reports that since implementing measures that maintain “healthy competition in the EU market,” the EU industry has increased its sales by 28 per cent and its production by 25 per cent. Around 1,200 new jobs have been created in the sector, an increase of ten per cent.

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