Michelin appoints new Group Executive Committee members

Florent Menegaux, who will take up his post as chief executive officer of Michelin on 17 May, wants the company’s Group Executive Committee to place a greater focus upon strategic arbitrage. To aid the Committee’s evolution, the tyre maker has appointed three new senior managers.

The trio who joined the Committee for the first time at its meeting on 25 March are:

• Scott Clark, executive vice-president, Automotive Business Management, Motorsport, Experiences, Americas Regions (Central, North and South)
• Jean-Claude Pats, executive vice-president, Corporate Personal Management
• Eric Vinesse, executive vice-president, Operational Research & Development Department

The three new appointees complement six existing members of the Group Executive Committee:

• Yves Chapot, managing partner
• Sonia Artinian-Fredou, executive vice-president – Mobility Services & Experiences and New Ventures Business Lines
• Laurent Bourrut, executive vice-president – Long Distance and Urban Transportation Business Lines and European Regions
• Adeline Challon-Kemoun, executive vice-president – Brands, Sustainable Development, Communication & Public Affairs
• Jean-Christophe Guerin, executive vice-president – Manufacturing
• Serge Lafon, executive vice-president – Mining, Off Highway, 2 Wheels, Aircraft Business Lines and Africa, Asia, Australia, India & the Middle East Regions

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