First Michelin RoadBib tyres fitted in Scotland

Cockburnspath-based R&C Crichton has become the first farmer in Scotland to specify Michelin’s new RoadBib tyres

Cockburnspath-based R&C Crichton has become the first farmer in Scotland to specify Michelin’s new RoadBib tyres – designed to provide high performance, longevity and traction on machines used intensively on the road. Jamie Crichton specified the new tyres for his high-spec JCB Fastrac 4220 after hearing positive reports from Henzell Enterprises in Northumberland, one of the contractors involved in pre-launch testing for Michelin.

The tyres were supplied by local Michelin Exelagri dealer Redpath Tyres to replace a set of original equipment competitor fitments which needed replacing after only 2,000 hours operation. Crichton explains: “It didn’t make financial sense to invest in fitting an identical set of tyres, so we did some research and discovered Lee Henzell’s experiences testing the RoadBibs. “Michelin has clearly invested heavily in manufacturing an all-new generation of tyres which are unlike anything we’ve seen on a Fastrac before. Being brand new we presumed they’d cost us a fortune, so we were delighted to find they were pretty much the same price as everything else.”

Commenting on his experience with the tyres to-date, he adds: “First impressions are very positive. They certainly look like they are built for longevity and road comfort is noticeably improved. It’s just going to take some time to get used to seeing my Fastrac without lugged tyres!”

Tony Powell, Michelin’s local Agricultural Account Manager, visited R&C Crichton to weigh the tractor and provide pressure recommendations for different applications including drilling, cultivating, spreading and spraying, as well as for operation with a slurry tanker and for general trailer work.

Powell says: “Offering pressure advice is all part of the service when you buy a set of Michelin tyres, and it’s especially important for a multi-purpose machine. It’s given Jamie the confidence to know he can run as low as 17 psi in the field, but with tyres inflated to 35 psi for the heaviest road work.”

The Fastrac supports two small family farms, planting and hauling around 5,000 tonnes of swede each year. It is also used for local agricultural contracting work, and for special projects in a nearby cement works – with a 60/40 split between road and field work.

Michelin RoadBib tyres are purpose-designed for 200+hp tractors and feature a unique tread design comprising 52 tread blocks to maximise traction, coupled with a central spine. This allows 40 per cent of the tyre to remain in contact with the road surface – a 60 per cent increase versus a traditional Michelin lugged agricultural tyre – whilst increasing driver comfort and extending tyre life.

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