Hankook: 73% of US drivers want self-inflating tyres

In December Hankook Tire USA released its latest quarterly Gauge Index Survey. Regarding tyre technology it found that 73 per cent of Americans would like to see future tyres self-inflate as part of a smart self-regulating Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Further, 44 per cent of respondents expressed interest in a self-repairing tyre.

One-third of drivers (33%) listed automatic braking as the feature they would most like equipped as standard.

Since 92 per cent of Americans drive as part of their daily commute, self-driving cars are perceived to be a convenience that would free up time for other activities. When asked what they’d do if their vehicle were autonomous, Americans say they would opt to sit in the back seat and sightsee (39%), catch up with friends and family on the phone (33%), work (27%) and even meditate (12%).

Among millennials, the most frequently cited use of their time in the car is to eat (45%) or catch up on sleep (41%). Millennials further said they would like their future car to automatically order their morning coffee (15%).

The survey also showed men (30%) are more interested than women (18%) in having an autonomous car.

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