Coker buys two vintage wheel makers

The Coker Group has purchased PS Engineering and Vintage Wheel Works. The acquisitions are the second major purchase by the Coker Group since it was bought out by the Coker management team and Irving Place Capital in October 2018.

“We’re very excited to announce Coker Group’s purchase of PS Engineering and Vintage Wheel Works,” said Coker President and CEO Wade Kawasaki. “Both brands are a natural fit for the Coker Group portfolio, and they represent a continued focus on the restoration market while allowing us to give our customers a broader spectrum of choices. As our first aluminium wheel brands, we can now offer customers everything from a period-correct 15-in. five-spoke ‘mag’-style wheel to a 17-in. Pro-Touring wheel that still has a period-correct feel, all backed by the quality, customer service and fulfilment they have come to expect from Coker.”

Vintage Wheel Works offers a wide variety of high-quality cast aluminum wheels in an array of iconic styles popularized on musclecars and race cars from the ’60s and ’70s. Its broad size and fitment options accommodate everything from restorations and period-correct builds to larger wheels for restomod and Pro-Touring cars, with diameters designed to accommodate modern performance brakes and tyres.

PS Engineering has offered made-in-America two-piece cast aluminum wheels for vintage racing, motorsports, musclecars and concours restorations for decades and will continue that tradition under Coker management. Coker Tire will distribute both brands, offering them through its catalogue and website.

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