Autopromotec presents IAM19 conference schedule

Theme: “The evolution of the car repair business in future mobility scenarios”

Four months ahead of the opening of Autopromotec, the organisers have announced the agenda for IAM19 – International Aftermarket
Meeting 2019, part of the AutopromotecEDU calendar.

AutopromotecEDU is an arena offering in-depth analysis of the hottest topics in the global automotive aftermarket, making Autopromotec increasingly not only an absolute must for commercial activities in odd-numbered years but also a moment of reflection for all the actors of a rapidly evolving sector, offering moments of debate and networking fostering professional growth.

This year’s IAM19 conference, which will open the second day of the Autopromotec 2019 edition, will discuss “The evolution of the car repair business in future mobility scenarios”.

Presenters include consultancy McKinsey & Company who will present visitors with the new scenarios related to self-driving, connected cars, electrification and shared mobility, thanks to its vast experience in the analysis of key megatrends. The mic will then be handed over to the vehicle
manufacturer associations, UNRAE and ACEA, which will present the primary changes in vehicles that will affect the aftermarket world.

It is evident that in such a market scenario the distribution of spare parts will also be heavily involved, and this will be discussed by a representative of FIGIEFA, the European association of independent spare part distributors and dealers, who will explain how these changes will result in, among other
things, the establishment of larger market players, more structured logistics, web-based services.

The IAM19 conference will conclude by opening the floor to the public and a round table that will involve AICA and EGEA, the American Autocare association and the German ASA Verband, important representatives of the independent automotive maintenance supply chain, further evidence of AutopromotecEDU’s global significance.


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