Pirelli Cyber Fleet available in UK from Q1 2019

‘Cyber’ technology designed to keep tyres under control

Back in September 2018 Pirelli announced that the system it had developed for the monitoring and management of tyres had been renewed. As a result, the company launched two technological solutions at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover – Cyber Fleet Smart and Cyber Fleet Gate – both of which represent the company’s latest engagement with the digital revolution.

According to the company, its systems for tyre monitoring and the management of truck and bus fleets have been enriched in order to optimise costs, and increase the safety and efficiency of commercial transport. Pirelli reports that Cyber Fleet Smart and Cyber Fleet Gate are based on “highly sophisticated communication technology” which operates via Bluetooth between the tyre and the external environment thanks to a sensor fitted into the inner liner of the tyre.

How does it work?

By now most of us are familiar with Pirelli’s “perfect fit” strategy. On cars this manifests in the firm’s wide range of specially development, homologated and accredited tyres designed and manufactured for individual marques and models. When it comes to commercial vehicles (but certainly not excluding applications for cars) so-called “tyre sensorisation” forms a key part of the “perfect fit” strategy which focuses on the development of “tailor made” products.

Based on the unalterable reality that the tyre is the only contact point between the vehicle and the road, with these new technologies, Pirelli’s systems are now able to collect valuable information to help with safer, higher performing and more efficient driving as well as optimising fleet management.

As we have seen, Pirelli’s “cyber” systems are based on a sensor, which is fitted into the inner liner of the tyre. This sensor sends data related to pressure, inner temperature and tread depth to an app and a back-end system, ready to be used to increase the management efficiency.

Cyber Fleet is designed for broad appeal and application. Specifically this means “any truck or bus fleet, rental companies included”. The system will be available in Italy and the UK from the first quarter of 2019 onwards.

Cyber Fleet Smart – a plug and play solution

Another way of connecting with Pirelli’s sensorisation technology is via Pirelli Cyber Fleet Smart, which is a plug and play solution, based on the installation of sensors into the inner liner of the tyres. From here data is collected and communicates directly to an app installed on the smartphone belonging to the driver and/or the fleet manager. The users can configure their vehicles by choosing the correct layout and having an updated vehicle list with the last received data.

The sensors send the information about tyre pressure and temperature to the app, which is designed to produce a picture of the tyre status in less than 30 seconds. In the event of low pressure or slow deflation, the app sends an alert notifying the user about the need of maintenance.

According to the company, users can synchronise further devices as all data collected is sent to the Pirelli cloud, allowing for information sharing. Periodically, the fleet manager will receive a report regarding the usage of the fleet’s tyres, with clear information on fleet KPI, vehicle KPI, efficiency forecasts and statistics.The point is that that more frequent tyre monitoring leads to higher driving safety, less downtime and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Virtual gatekeeper – Cyber Fleet Gate

The next step is Pirelli Cyber Fleet Gate, a smart solution that maintains all the above features but also fully automates the process.

This system’s process begins with a traffic light, which is installed in the fleet’s warehouse. The traffic light receives data directly from the tyre sensors and presents it in real time. Everytime a vehicle crosses the gate, the traffic light displays a green light if all the tyres are in good condition, and a red light if at least one of the tyres has a problem and requires a maintenance activity.

At the same time, the information is sent to the Cyber Fleet Control, a web portal the fleet manager can access anytime. So then everytime a vehicle enters or leaves the depot, the tyre status is checked. The gate also provides the user with a periodical report, based on data analysis that gives very useful information regarding vehicle efficiency, predictive maintenance and fuel consumption.

Cyber Fleet Gate is compatible with the Smart App, freely downloadable to monitor the fleet everywhere. Finally, Cyber Fleet Gate offers the chance to integrate with local fleet management software.


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