Eastman experts to discuss sulphur dispersion in high severity service heavy tyres

2nd November 2018 | 0 Comments

Sulphur dispersion and formulation insights for high-severity service in heavy tyres will be the focus of work shared by two Eastman Tire Additives scientists at the KHK 13th Fall Rubber Colloquium in Hannover, Germany 6-8 November, 2018. The technical presentation by Dr. Dominica Wong will explore why the tensile dispersion test provides valuable insights into sulphur dispersion and how this approach guided the development of innovations such as Eastman Crystex Cure Pro insoluble sulphur. A poster by Dr. Leandro Forciniti will examine how polymers and other additives influence formulations for high-severity service in heavy tyres, including Eastman Impera performance resins.

“It’s crucial that formulators understand the science behind the raw materials they use. After all, the raw materials help determine the durability, performance, and appearance of the final tire that manufacturers hope to sell to OEMs and consumers. Eastman’s contribution to working with our customers to deliver safe and sustainable mobility goes beyond the specialty additives that we supply. The content we plan to share at this conference will be meaningful to formulators who want to connect theoretical knowledge to practical applications so they can make better tyres,” says Dr. Brock Thomas, Director of Tire Additives Technology for Eastman.

Meanwhile, Dr. Leandro Forciniti will share a poster that provides an overview of how formulators can determine the influence of polymers, filler, crosslinkers, and other tire additives on formulation for high severity service in heavy tyres. The poster content will focus on tyres for use on motor vehicles with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or more with tread cap formulations that require a balance of tyre wear, heat build-up, tear, traction, and ride comfort.

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