Carlson Vehicle Transfer introduces Michelin Effitrailer across car transporter fleet

The vehicle transportation firms says it is already seeing the positive effects Effitrailer has had on its business

Following a successful trial period, UK-based car transporter company Carlson Vehicle Transfer has rolled out Michelin’s Effitrailer package across its 150-strong fleet. The Groupe CAT company, which operates throughout the UK and Europe delivering cars for the automotive industry, tested the telematics system on a number of units in its car transporter trailer fleet.

“The company had been researching telematics packages and Effitrailer really stood out as a market leader,” says Terry Wrycraft, fleet manager at Carlson Vehicle Transfer. “We began the trial with six trailers and increased the trial over a period of time to 60 trailers. As a result, we noticed a significant increase in vehicle utilisation because we were able to identify tyre issues early and respond to them – resulting in a reduction in roadside assistance.”

The Effitrailer package contributes to the company’s ongoing support with its year on year CO2 environmental reduction commitments by targeting to reduce tyre repair and replacement costs, increase uptime and minimise empty running. The information Carlson Vehicle Transfer annualised during the Effitrailer trial enabled senior figures to work closely with Michelin specialists in developing a more efficient operation.

With utilisation being key in the industry sector, Carlson Vehicle Transfer was able to build a reporting suite with the wealth of information supplied by Effitrailer, including loaded and empty running reports supporting its cost base.

Wrycraft adds: “Encountering problems with tyres is hugely counter-productive, for both the customer and supplier. Effitrailer helps reduce tyre failures because the on-board tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) provides consistent analysis of the tyre pressure and temperature over every axle, ensuring any irregularity is immediately detected.

“As a result, the programme comes with a commitment from Michelin to reduce all tyre-related trailer breakdowns equipped with the solution. With such a proactive tyre maintenance and replacement service running across our whole fleet, we’re seeing the positive effects Effitrailer has had on our business.”

Michelin’s Effitrailer system is built upon the installation of dedicated trailer telematics equipment, and includes an on-board datalink, tyre pressure monitoring system, and electronic braking system data analysis. Once installed, the equipment enables constant geolocation of every Effitrailer-optimised asset in a company’s fleet.

The real-time data is sent to a dedicated fleet department via web portal, and details each asset’s mileage, the length of any periods of abnormal downtime or ‘wait-time’ status of the asset.


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