Goodyear introduces “Roll by Goodyear” integrated tyre retail programme

Initial reports suggest the pilot Roll project begins with four showrooms in Maryland, USA.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has introduced a new tyre retail process that integrates online purchases with real-life fitment. “Roll by Goodyear”, as the new approach has been named, will start out in the Washington, DC, metro area where Roll by Goodyear showrooms and the multiple installation options will be available. The goal is to offer consumers the chance to purchase interchangeably between online and in-store, according to the company.

The latest news follows significant developments in Goodyear’s direct to consumer retail plans, especially in the USA. Perhaps the biggest of these was the implementation of direct online tyre sales in the USA in 2015. Meanwhile, at the start of 2016, Goodyear set up a new UK digital information platform as well.

“Roll by Goodyear makes buying tyres easier,” said Fred Thomas, vice president and general manager of Goodyear Retail. “Guests can choose when, where and how to install their tyres and they are in complete control of the process from start to finish. Goodyear is eliminating the waiting room and giving people time back in their day to do the things they really want to do.”

Roll allows consumers, which Goodyear calls “guests” to start their shopping online at or in a showroom.  Roll by Goodyear showrooms are said to be located in vibrant lifestyle centres where people live, work and play.

Once tyres are purchased either online or in-store, guests can pick from a handful of installation options. They can drop off their keys at a showroom and enjoy the nearby amenities or Roll by Goodyear will provide valet service that will pick up a guest’s vehicle from a location of their choice and bring it to back to wherever they are. People can also schedule a mobile installation van that will come to where they are and install their tyres. The entire installation will be accompanied by real-time email or text status updates.

Initial reports suggest the pilot Roll project begins with four showrooms in Maryland, USA.

Goodyear reports that it conducted “significant pre-market testing” for Roll and the results were said to have been “extremely favourable across all demographics, particularly with millennials”.

In short, roll seeks to integrate online purchasing, valet parking, in-store fitment and real-time communications in a bid to provide the most modern tyre retail experience possible.


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